Nice, Simple, Unique And Fun Apps

GifCam 4.5 simple screen-recording gif making app.


Paper Toys Factory 1.0 unique app for creating toys made of paper.

Windows | Mac

IceCreamLeg 1.0 a simplistic 2DPaltform game.


Funny Mask 1.0 detects faces on your screen and draws funny masks on them.


Hangman 2.0 interactive playing style with six languages ar,en,it,sp,gr,fr.

WP | Android

Long division and multiplication steps 1.0.

Windows Phone

WordsMesh 2.0 arabic word puzzle.


WiggleGif 1.0 Wiggle your image and give it a 3D depth effect in easy steps..


Comics Panel Creator 1.0 a simple and fun way to create a nice and expressive comics.

Window phone

Collide 1.5 a nice puzzle game.

Window phone
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